A long time ago – longer even than a Teck’s memory, we reckon – a Great Calamity occurred, shattering the earth’s surface and splintering the Wyldes apart from the world below. Three races have come out from the woodwork, staking their claim on the floating islands, and their new and exotic resources.

This led to the unwavering struggle between the tecknologically-advanced goldfish of the Teck empire, and the psychic, flightless avians of the Plemping tribes. Looting the battlefields are the curious little bunnies known only as Smolians.

BattleSky Brigade is a real-time strategy game which blends defend and raid elements with the drama of interdependent connected territories. You’ll play as a band of explorers setting up camp on a Wylde – a desolate mesa suspended in the air, high above the obliterated remains of the world below.

Raid other Wyldes for resources and grow in power, all while forging alliances in the form of warbands, with everyone pitching in to aid your brethren to defend their territories from enemy raids.

Smolians are a bunch of derpy bunnies who don’t really understand how the fighting started. They’re just here to pick up the loot left over after the battles have been fought.

Smolians live fast, and often die young. But it’s okay. They breed really quickly.

These angry avians are on a quest to rediscover the ancient art of flight and lay claim to the skies. A tribal, superstitious race with access to psychic powers, they aren’t really fans of Tecks, or tecknology.

Don’t let them get too close; Plemping units pack a punch.

Tecks are an intelligent race of goldfish who have adapted themselves to life in the upper atmosphere by being the best. They generally think the other races are beneath them.

Tecks are heavily armoured, but they sacrifice on speed.

Sure, you could be a lone wolf, but where’s the fun in that? Combine forces with your buddies to defend against the elements. Join a guild and aid in its growth by attacking other Wyldes and sharing the spoils. But of course, you’ll need to protect your Guild Heart from would-be raiders eager to get their hands on your resources!

Melons are a valuable resources in the Wyldes, and are necessary for the creation of buildings and units. There are five types: FlaMelons, ShadoMelons, WataMelons, WintaMelons and RokMelons. Each structure or unit requires different combinations of Melons, but a single Wylde can only hold so many types of Melon trees. You’ll have to trade your harvest with other players, so it pays to be nice and make lots of friends!

Or if you’re a big meanie, you could just raid other Wyldes for their fruit… Simply pillage, plunder, and most of all… PEW PEW!